Saturday, 2 July 2011

A new direction

I've been thinking hard about this blog, it's purpose and utility for me and for any who follow or just randomly pass by. I'm sure I want to keep a blog, there's a lot of stuff out there I like to share and/or talk about. On the other hand, I have little time to concentrate in order to provide well thought and written posts frequently enough. Of late, I have been considering other themes to talk about, like politics, not only international but also Portuguese internal issues and for that matter, I'll probably start writing in Portuguese. 
Alas, from all the mumbo-jumbo that's been going on in my mind, an idea has stepped out as the only option to keep the blog alive and that's what I'll try working on. There is no better way to show where I want to go with all this than to share Dan Pink's TED talk, on the "surprising science of motivation".

I need my blog to be a space where I let my internal motivation fly, see where it goes and feel free to go back or move on just because I want to or need to, because I can. Maybe that will help me keep working on the blog as long as possible.
From this post forward, this blog will have posts in English, others in Portuguese and might even have some with translations, and I won't be doing regular reviews of all the books I read any more but mostly simple comments with the main ideas I get from some of them, so that I have time to share other stuff and talk about what comes to mind as interesting enough as time goes by. Another thing you'd notice is that I dropped the ranking when reviewing films or books all together, I don't feel the numbers are fair to them and they usually don't really add much to what I want to say. I'm about to buy a camera so expect to see some of my attempts to do anything interesting with it as I learn. It does seem a bit pretentious but I believe this will make Omnilogikos more accessible for those it might be of interest, each post for itself, and those who can only understand one of the languages can always ignore the other posts completely.
I changed the blog's appearance and don't feel like going back and correcting all the consequent formatting errors so bear with me on that if you are going to check previous posts. Still not sure if I'm going to keep the actual template and colour theme.

And now, to try all this and see what happens.

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